How Social Media Is Changing The Fashion World As We Know It


Our culture is completely immersed by social media. As you look around you, someone is instagramming a selfie, updating a Facebook status, scrolling down their Twitter timeline, or sending a funny snapchat to a friend. This is our way of constantly staying connected; knowing the who, what, when, where, and why of what’s happening right in front of our eyes. it would only make sense that strategic communication would use this to their advantage. It is now so much easier to measure your goals of communicating effectively with your target audience thanks to social media, especially the fashion community.

The Fashion industry isn’t all about models and designers anymore; It’s also about the stylists/bloggers, the PR professionals, and the consumers who follow them on instagram. Social media is the new form of two-way form of communication. Traditional journalism is becoming a thing of the past and Long-Tail PR is here to stay. PR companies are now reaching out to bloggers, making sure they are at the shows and giving them unique pieces to wear because they are now the people of power. They want everyone to know about their brand and bloggers make it more personal. I know consumers respect what the blogger thinks because they trust their opinion. I know this because I too look for other bloggers for my fashion advice and inspiration. There is more of an intimate connection with blogs than there is with traditional media because you feel like you know the blogger. They are now the people of influence. It is now a lot easier to get into the perfect niche with your target audience. In a split second your client is reaching millions of people from one 100 word blog post.


Now that you’ve reached your target audience, you can begin to build a relationship with them. I mean after all PR is about building positive relationships with your consumers. Building a positive relationship can only have good outcomes. When the consumer is happy, they tend to tell their friends. Now that social media is involved, instead of telling their 5 closest friends, they are telling there 5,000 twitter followers. Word of Mouth is one of the best forms of exposure. It goes hand and hand with Long-Tail PR. A few ways the fashion industry has been doing this is with the social media efforts for this years fashion week.

As Fashion week is upon us, I am religiously checking my instagram feed and twitter timeline to keep up with whats going on, since I’m not able to be there. Social Media makes it possible to enjoy fashion week, for those who aren’t able to make it. Between the bloggers, stylists, models, designers, and PR professionals updating their instagrams, I feel like I’m actually  there. A new thing that was done this year is fashion week live on snapchat. On your snapchat story, you can view various things happening at fashion week. This is creating a lot of buzz and that’s what they want. Before you know it everyone is talking about fashion week and it was free publicity. Social media changes the game and being connected is now easier than ever.

For me social media is staying updated with my friends, family, the fashion industry, pop culture, you name it. My pinterest is my inspiration, my twitter is my news channel, my YouTube is my TV, my instagram is my photo album, and my Facebook is my address book. Social media has become such a big part in my life and to think it was not even this advanced 8 years ago. Can you imagine the future of social media? I don’t think my brain can even comprehend how far social media will go and the opportunities it will open up. As millennials, we were born into this. It’s practically encoded in our bodies. Can you imagine our future children? Professionally I think, if handled correctly, social media will continue to make it easier to reach your audience and connect with them on a new level.

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